PMSA | How it works
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How it works

One wears a mermaid tail, which is a stretch fabric that goes up to the waist, and has a mono fin attached at the end.

When “mermaiding”, one swims like a fish using both legs as a fish tail and using the core muscles to propel oneself forward, with variations to the hand placement and movements.

Classes are not held in an actual classroom, but rather, are conducted in natural bodies of water such as oceans, rivers and lakes, or in more controlled environments such as swimming pools, your local or neighbourhood club house, and even in the comfort and convenience of your home pool. We like to be mobile, and we go with the flow, so to speak, depending on the type of course or group of students.

Expect a structured-activity that is safe and fun, and allows you to enjoy ultimate fun in the sun with other adventurous aspiring mermaids, while expressing yourself in a unique way.