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Introduction to

Mermaid Swimming Lesson ( IMSIA Level 1 or 2)

Duration: 90 minutes
Classes are either held in a pool or beach depending on the branch location.

Welcome to the world of Mermaiding! During this 90-minute session, learn how to transform yourself into a Mermaid. Familiarize yourself with the Mermaid tail, enjoy a photo opportunity and learn basic Mermaid strokes in shallow water.

This unique experience includes:

• Mermaid introduction

• Mermaid tail fitting and rental

• Education on looking after and swimming with the tail

• Safety briefing

• Directed photoshoot – learn the most striking Mermaid poses (using your own camera)

• Mermaid lesson – learn the four basic swim strokes and breathing techniques

• Freestyle session – a chance to practise your new skills

• Max depth 3m

• IMSIA Certificate card to be sent by mail

 *We suggest bringing goggles and an underwater camera to document your mermaid experience!
 *Available in all branches. 

*Currently IMSIA Certification available at Boracay branches.

Private Intro to Mermaid Swimming Lesson

You may book the time you like and conduct the lesson  in the privacy of your own home,  resort pool facility or beach front.

Exclusive 90-minute one-on-one Intro to Mermaid Swimming Lesson with your own certified mermaid swimming instructor at the venue and time of your choice.

*Advance bookings only.

 *Available in all branches

*Currently IMSIA Certification available at Boracay branches.

Advanced Mermaid Swimming Lesson (IMSIA Level 3)

Duration: 3 hours
Take your mermaiding skill to the next level. Learn specialized breathing and equalizing techniques, rescue exercises, various underwater mermaid tricks, bubble – blowing. You’ll also gain an understanding of the underwater world and much more. Up to a maximum depth of 10 meters.

This exciting experience includes:

• Introduction to and theory on Advanced Mermaiding

• Introduction to the underwater world

• Learn techniques; proper use of snorkel gear, how to execute handstands, bubble-blowing and underwater mermaid tricks

• Learn advanced breath-holding techniques

• Learn the correct way to safely equalize

• Rescue and self-rescue exercises

• Max depth 10m

*We suggest bringing goggles and an underwater camera to document your mermaid experience!
 *Currently IMSIA Certification available at Boracay branches.

Mermaid Performer Course ( IMSIA Level 4 )

Duration: 5 days – at least 4 hours per day

Now you’re feeling completely confident as a Mermaid, show off your Mermaiding skills and perform glamorous, synchronized underwater moves, using weight belts, compressed air or freediving techniques. This course should be taken over five days, for a maximum of four hours per day.

Students must also have achieved the following certifications before enrolling on the Performer Course:

• PADI Certified Scuba Diver or Certified Freediver

• IMSIA Levels 1, 2 and 3

• Water Safety Training Certification

This high-level Mermaiding course includes:

• Performance training – learn to elegantly perform all Mermaiding strokes underwater, using freediving techniques and/or compressed air

  • Mermaid performance make-up tutorial – learn techniques on how to apply waterproof make-up and how to make regular make-up water-resistant.
  • A professional videoshoot and keepsake video – have your Mer-performance filmed for your memories and further training

*For inquires for Course Schedules email

Mermaid Swimming Instructor  Course ( IMSIA Level 5 )

Duration: 5 days – at least 4 hours per day

Do you fancy a career change? Or want to add something a little unique to your resume? Become a Mermaid Instructor with the International Mermaid Swimming Instructors Association! Courses are available on Boracay Island or in Munich, Germany, and will equip you with the skills required to teach Mermaiding in a safe and fun way. This course should be taken over five days, for a maximum of four hours per day.

Trainees must have achieved the following certifications before enrolling on the ITC:

• Minimum PADI Certified Rescue Diver OR Certified Freediver, OR Water Safety Training and Swimming Instructor qualifications

• CPR and First Aid

• IMSIA Levels 1, 2 and 3

This life-changing training course includes:

–  In-depth training manual

– Underwater photos and video workshop, including basic cutting and editing

– Certificate of completion template

– Waiver, Student Form and Instructor Form templates

– Inclusive of one year’s membership to IMSIA (International Mermaid Swimming Association

*Notes: IMSIA Instructor renewal fee is €150 annually, starting the succeeding year.  For inquires of Instructor Course Schedules email

Specialty Course: Scuba Mermaid

Duration: 4 hours

Already a certified Open Water Diver? Here’s diving with a twist! Just add your Mermaid tail and experience life underwater as a real Mermaid. A 3.5-4hr course. Advance bookings only.

This adventurous Mermaiding course includes: 

• Introduction to Mermaid Swimming Lesson (see above)

• Mermaid Tail rental

• Scuba dive assessment

• Scuba gear rental

• One dive from dive boat, up to 18m wearing scuba equipment and the Mermaid tail

*Scuba diving license is a must.
*Please book at least two days in advance to secure a slot.
Available in Boracay branch only

Non- Certification: Mermaid Photo Op

Duration: 30 minutes

If Mermaid swimming isn’t your cup of tea, then we offer a 30-minute tail rental where you will be assisted and led through a series of Mermaid poses by our Mermaid instructors. Bring your own personal photographer along or hand over your camera to your instructor – it’s up to you!

This exclusive experience includes:

  • Mermaid tail fitting and rental
  • Directed photoshoot on dry sand and knew deep water of the sea
  • Swimming not permitted

*Camera not included. Student must provide camera equipment of their choice, eg. smartphone, SLR, small digital camera etc. Make-up and accessories (aside from the Mermaid tail) are the students’ responsibility. Swimming in the tail is not allowed due to our safety policy.                                                                                                                                                                                            *Available in all branches 
* Prices vary depending on location.